QAnon, Christian apocalypticism and the threat to US Democracy

Dr. Helen Paynter and I have written a post on Christian white supremacy, for the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence. Here is a short excerpt. Visit CSBV for our full analysis and discussion.

… in this post we’ll discuss some of the ways members of a movement like white supremacist nationalism can co-opt religious language and imagery to stir an audience’s deepest held convictions. We’ll look at examples demonstrating how this movement deceitfully interweaves, within their own propaganda, what their audience holds most sacred. All this they employ to convince sometimes unwitting, often very willing converts to participate in acts that serve the movement and its leaders, even acts of extreme hate and violence. The result is a white supremacist Christianity that we find in the hearts, minds and actions of people who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ, both laypeople and church leaders, in churches all over the United States.


One response to “QAnon, Christian apocalypticism and the threat to US Democracy”

  1. danielwalldammit Avatar

    This was always a large part of Trump’s support base.

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